Lamb Doner

Fresh Lamb, Specially Seasoned and Grilled on an upright slit and then carved

Chicken Doner

Fresh Chicken, Specially Seasoned and grilled on an upright spit and then carved

Chicken Shish

Fresh Fillet of Chicken Breast Cubed Marinated barbecued on a flame grill

UK Special Mix

Lamb doner, chicken doner, chicken shish served 2 pitta bread and sauce

Mixed Doner

Lamb Doner and Chicken Shish

Chicken Doner and Chicken Shish

Doner Meat and Chips

Chicken Doner Meat and Chips

Lamb Doner Wrap

Chicken Doner Wrap

Chicken Shish Wrap

Chips in Pitta

Salad in Pitta

Chip Roll

Doner Roll

Add Cheese

Pot of Sauce

Extra Pitta Bread